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Therapy for
real change

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Welcome to my website.
Are you ready for change,
but stuck on how or where to start?
That's where I come in. 

I'm Gwenivere Weiss, MA, LPC. (She/Her pronouns)

I offer my clients tools to feel more deeply connected to themselves, others, and their purpose as well as create real, lasting change in their lives. 


I work collaboratively and meet you right where you're at in your journey. 


Themes of anxiety, relationships, sex and sexuality, and moving beyond trauma are where I specialize.


Clients often come to me when they are aware of their maladaptive patterns, but are stuck on how to change.


I bring a style that is warm, straightforward, and authentic. I am interested in supporting you in changing your habits from the inside out in tangible ways.

To learn about my qualifications click here 


My office is in Sunnyside, Denver.  I see folks both in person and online.  I would love to talk and see if we might be a good fit. 

Clients come for support with:

  • Moving beyond Trauma

  • Overcoming Anxiety 

  • Communication and Relationship challenges

  • Sex and Sexuality:

    • Out of control sexual behavior

    • Issues with pelvic pain

    • Sexual Trauma Recovery

    • Anorgasmia

    • Delayed or premature ejaculation

    • Polyamory/ENM/CNM/Open relationships

    • Kink and BDSM

    • Other issues related to sex/sexuality

Hiking in the Highlands

"I believe that a different therapy must be constructed for each patient, because each has a unique story."

Irvin Yalom

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