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Sexuality is like a fingerprint.
Your is unique to you.

Sex Therapy: Expertise and support for a fulfilling life

Sex and Sexuality is such a huge part of our lives, and it's under-whelmingly talked about openly. I create an atmosphere where talking about sex and sexuality is open and inviting. It is a place where we can both bring our curiosity about the gap between your experience now and how you’d like it to be in the future. 


No matter the topic, it is welcome in my office


There are so many issues around sexuality that can feel confusing or isolating. Many questions or concerns come up and here are JUST a few:

*Is this normal?*  

*How do I change this behavior that feels out of control?*   

*How can I have a more satisfying sexual life alone or partnered?*   

*Why are my partner and I not as sexually active or attracted to each other as we used to be?*   

*Can that be fixed?*   

*Why do I dread having sex with my partner?*   

*Will I ever be able to experience pleasure after trauma?*   

*My body has changed, will I ever enjoy it again?*   

*My genitals are different than they used to be or don't work how I want them to, what can I do?*   

*How do I talk to my partner about what I want in the bedroom?*   

*I'm having pelvic pain during sex, is this ever going to go away? Who do I talk to about this?  Is it a medical issue?* 

*I have no/low desire for sex, is this ok?* 

*My primary partner and I are trying to decide if we will have children or not and I need support.*

*I watch porn more than I would like to, and I am afraid of telling my partner. What should I do?*

*My partner keeps asking to do things in the bedroom that I don't want to do, but I feel pressured to say yes.  How do I talk to them about it?*   

*I am thinking about becoming poly/ENM/CNM but don't know where to start.* 

*I am kinky but my partner isn't open to it. How do I reconcile this?* 

*I don't think I'm striaght, but I'm not sure who to talk to about this.* 

*I'm having fantasies about things I don't think I'd ever want to do, is this normal?*

I love collaborating with my clients to figure out what a good or even great sex life can look like and how to chart a path to get there. Sex and sexuality is so varied and unique to you, and it changes throughout the lifespan. Sometimes we hit road bumps or blocks and I am honored to support you through those challenges. Being a sex therapist means having a wealth of information and that I am continuing to learn all the time.  It is an added 2+ years long process with hundreds of hours of reading, coursework and direct supervision with a licensed sex therapist to guide me through this process. 

Please reach out and ask any questions you may have. 

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