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About Gwenivere

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I am a Licensed Professional Counselor.  I was born and raised on the west coast, and currently live in Denver, Colorado. I am a graduate of Naropa University in Boulder, Co and hold my studies of mindfulness, meditation, and the creative processes as important parts of my self-understanding and what brings me joy in life.  

I use psycho-education, Current Neurobiology, Gestalt and Internal Family Systems, guided meditation and simple exercises to set up inner supports for you to practice between sessions.  I draw from my long term meditation background, movement practices, and training in Mindfulness-Based Counseling, as well as training in therapeutic coaching and PACT couples therapy.  I also am trained in Sex Therapy at the Northwest Institute of Intimacy. I use a blend of these frameworks to meet you right where you are. 


If you have been waiting to connect deeper to yourself, to those around you, or are ready to learn tools to bend with more flexibility in a tumultuous time I am here to support you in finding your way there.


If you’d like to set up a free 15 minute consultation, please call my number (720)248-8136 or email and leave me a message, letting me know a few times that are good for me to get in touch.  I am looking forward to connecting, and getting the opportunity to hear about what it is you're going through.  


My Healing Journey

I know firsthand what it’s like to suffer from seemingly endless anxieties and feel stuck in a loop that feels inescapable.  From insatiable perfectionism to social anxiety, I spent my childhood, adolescence and young adulthood suffering from anxieties that showed up as negative self talk, rumination over what other’s thought of me, fear of doing things wrong that froze me, as well as frantic busy-ness that seemed to prevent any sense of deep rest.  At times I felt immobilized by it, and at times I felt so wound up in the going and doing that it felt impossible to stop.  When I did stop, a sense of impending doom would inevitably creep in that felt insurmountable.  

Internalized cultural and familial voices added to this inner dialogue.


In my own journey to become a therapist I have completed many years of my own therapy and believe in the healing that I have experienced in the presence of someone who is compassionate, kind and connected to themselves.  My own personal development happened through a combination of therapy, creative art and movement processes, and long-term meditation practice.


With years of self work in therapy, in community and on my own I am grateful to say that I have learned ways to allow myself to find real nourishment in relaxation time, and have formed kind relationships with the voices inside me that seemed to cause so much stress and strife.  I have had the honor of experiencing what a trained, compassionate therapist and EMDR can offer for folks who are suffering like I did. 


I believe that anxieties of any kind, however uncomfortable they may be, are not something to be cut out, denied or shoved into a closet.  I’ve found that by learning processes that allow us to bring gentle awareness and compassion to them in a space that feels kind and nurturing the entire relationship to them can change.  I have found an incredible passion for guiding others through this process. 


I am not saying that I am perfect or have all the answers.   But I can proudly say that I have rebuilt a relationship with myself and my inner world that feels nourishing and authentic, and leaves me feeling resilient and empowered on a daily basis.  Sure, I have difficult moments like anyone, but I feel that I can now face them with grace and self-compassion most of the time, and when I get nocked off center, and the anxiety rises, I am sure I can find my way back with a little inner and outer support. 


I have had the incredible honor to lead many folks through the complex process of creating a new relationship to their inner experience as well.  I hope I can support you if this is something you are looking for.  

Yellow Stairs

How I work with
my clients

My therapeutic style of working with clients is warm, honest and authentic. I draw from multiple research-based modalities to help find the perfect therapeutic fit for each client.   


I am trained in, and use methods and frameworks such as Gestalt Therapy, Internal Family Systems, and Mindfulness training.  I use these modalities as well as attachment theory and current neurobiology to support my clients in experiencing more self-acceptance, self-awareness, and inner support for their goals. This allows for new possibilities that can relieve suffering in a myriad of ways. 


I am committed to social justice and inclusivity and work to acknowledge the greater systems of power, privilege, and oppression that we all exist within and that may show up in the therapeutic container, including the innate position of power that therapists hold.  I do everything I can to hold power with, as opposed to power over my clients.  

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