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Dry Plants

What is therapy?

Therapy is a collaborative experience. I get the immense privilege and honor to support clients in unfurling their layers. I offer a place of compassion, guidance and trust in your process.

Therapy is a relationship, and relationships have their own pace.  Deep work happens in a place where we feel seen and known.  I offer my clients a space of curiosity and  compassion. In this space, clients are able to get in touch with their own innate wisdom and guidance, usually quicker than they anticipated.  Through fostering a deeper connection to your supportive inner voice, client's find the path illuminates before them and they can see their way through their difficulties and feel empowered to do so.  

Therapy is not a place where the therapist fixes you.  I do not believe that you are broken.  I do, however, understand that you are suffering in some way, and are ready for a change. 

I am here to walk with you on your path, offering tools when needed, an outside perspective, and support in seeing yourself, your history, habits and patterns in a compassionate and new way. 

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