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What is in your soul contract?

What is your life purpose?

Who is in your soul group?

Can you change your contract?

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Discovering the Source of Emotional and Physical Problems You have lived before. 

We use this method for discovering the source in the subconscious mind of an emotional or physical problem. 

This can include so many things, for example the fear or successful  relationships or fear of heights - the issues are limitless. 

It is often possible to release blockage and heal in one session.

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Abilities from past lives may include proficiency in the arts, writing, leadership ability, relationship skills, cooking, manifesting abundance, teaching, exercise, martial arts, parenting... and many more.  There is a way to tap into these creative reserves in the current life, for immediate use in the present day.  

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Past Life Journeys 
Travel to Your Past to Heal Your Present

Discover YOUR life purpose

Review your soul contract

Clear karmic debt

Who or What 

is in your contract?


Past Life Regression can result in the knowledge of things done to others in former lives. Alchemical Hypnosis can tap into the original karmic transgression and alleviate the problems that can result from it such as chronic illness, relationship issues and financial adversity. are so many possibilities when entering a Past Life Regression. 

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When there is an inability to change persistent patterns of suffering, or if one is seeking a destiny or sense of purpose in life, an exploration of the pre-conception contract can be very useful.
 Through Alchemical Hypnosis, it is possible to become aware of the unique conditions that were "set up" for this life and if necessary, modify the "contract" in some way.
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Past life contracts can be recognized by a profound and unique sense of familiarity in a relationship. A key component in these relationships is a promise made between the two persons. Sometimes these relationships can be loving and stable but they are often troublesome and obsessive.

 Past Life Regression explores the original promise made and its consequences  and if and how the contract can be changed or terminated. 
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