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Introduction  to the Healing Power of Hypnosis
Curious about hypnosis?
Wonder if it is different from meditation?
(It is)
Worried that it is mind control?
(It isn't)
Wonder how hypnosis can help with;
Weight Loss
Self Confidence
and so much more?
Come join us to learn about the healing history of hypnosis, how safe and effective it is,
and how YOU have all the power to change, improve, transform any area of your life
as simply as taking a few deep breaths and allowing yourself to relax.
Jan is a licensed, certified hypnotherapist with over 25 years of experience in behavior modification therapy.
She is an intuitive, a healer, and a gifted teacher who understands the power of humor.
All her groups are interactive and entertaining.
Join us to learn how easily you can transform any area of your life.
Friday March 23
6:30pm - 8:30pm
$20.00 at the door
Unicorn Meadow Farm
139 Spruce Street
Suffield, CT

Past Life Journeys to Understand Current Life Issues

Monday, May 7, 2018

7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Unicorn Meadow Farh

139 Spruce Street

Suffield, CT

(860) 668-6424


There are so many possibilities when entering a Past Life Regression.  You will have the opportunity to walk the paths you have walked before... Feel the sun and the wind on your face; this is a series of experiences that you may have forgotten... and that you will never forget!

Jan will discuss your desires prior to the experience.  Do you want to re-discover creative abilities you mastered in a previous life?  Do you want to discover your soul purpose?  Do you feel like you are spinning your wheels and repeating the same experiences over and over --and you want to get off the hamster wheel?  The possibi are yours to explore.

This is an experiential journey.  You will see, smell, taste, feel, and know during the journey.  Jan will guide you and assist you by asking questions and helping you to ask the questions you wish to have answered.  You will be in complete control at all times.  You will share with Jan what you see, touch, hear, feel, and know.  You will remember everything that you choose to remember and you will be amazed at who you were and where you have been.

Please use contact form to be placed on waiting list.

Are you making enough money as a holistic practitioner?

In this workshop I will use targeted exercises, the group process, and hypnosis to teach you how to;

  • Create a positive income stream

  • Enhance your ability to do the work you came here to do

  • Allow personal abundance and growth while doing what you love

  • Find your “aha” moments as you release limiting beliefs

This is an all-encompassing workshop about you and your financial growth as a holistic practitioner.

$250.00 ( Space is limited.)

Available world wide

In Person

Ask for a Distance Healing Discount~

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