15 minute phone consultation - FREE

Past Life Regression Session (approximately 90 minutes) $150.00

Traditional Hypnosis $120.00 

Custom Mp3 to address your individual needs that you can refer to on an as needed basis $150.00


All sessions by appointment. Can be scheduled morning, afternoon, or evening 7 days a week.

Curious about hypnosis?
Wonder if it is different from meditation?
(It is)
Worried that it is mind control?
(It isn't)
Wonder how hypnosis can help with;
Weight Loss
Self Confidence
and so much more!
 YOU have all the power to change, improve, transform any area of your life
as simply as taking a few deep breaths and allowing yourself to relax.
Jan is a licensed, certified hypnotherapist with over 25 years of experience in
behavior modification therapy. She is an intuitive, a healer, and a gifted teacher who
understands the power of humor. Call to learn how easily you can transform any area of your life.

                                                                                     Past Life Journey

                                                                             Heal Your Present by Exploring Your Past
 With Jan's gentle guidance you will regress to another lifetime and have the opportunity to understand things that have not been clear to you. There are so many possibilities when entering a Past Life Regression. You will have the opportunity to walk the paths you have walked before... Feel the sun and the wind on your face; this is a series of experiences that you may have forgotten... and that you will never forget!

This is not a passive experience where I tell you what you have experienced. Quite the opposite, I am honored to be the one to facilitate the journey as YOU tell ME where you are, who you are, and describe all that YOU see, feel, hear, taste, smell, and know. There are unlimited areas that can be addressed by traditional or past life hypnosis. Past Life Regression can also uncover the fun stuff. You may finally understand why you borderline on obsession with cooking…if you once owned a thriving restaurant in France. You may find that the strong reaction you have to a neighbor or a co-worker is due to a past experience you both shared.Not all sudden, unexplainable reactions are positive – but they are usually related to a shared past. Past Life Regression  allows one to learn more about the most
fascinating person you know...YOU!

Master the Miracle of Manifesting

Discover common blocks to abundance while developing an understanding of how much more there is to manifesting then money!  Relationships, Environment, Career, and even the car you drive are examples of abundance.

Not happy with your “level” of abundance, Join Jan on the journey to your best life.  What you focus upon it time to focus on YOUR joy?  EMPOWER yourself  to claim the abundance that is your birthright.