Past Life Journeys 
Travel to Your Past to Heal Your Present

Group Past Life Journey 
Monday, May 7 
7:00-9:00 PK
Unicorn Meadow Farms 2347 Spruce Street, Suffield, CT
860-668-6424 for reservations

Hypnosis is one of the earliest wellness practices...  Long before there were medications like Novocaine, Morphine, or Oxycontin, humans assisted humans in using the magnificent power of the mind to relieve pain.

Past Life Regression is now widely recognized as an alternative process to release distress and trauma that has no obvious tie to present life.  Jan uses all her skills, talents, and experiences to work with your guides and her intuition to help you unlock the knowledge you already have inside you.  It is safe, like reading a book or watching a movie that you are starring in!

There are so many possibilities when entering a Past Life Regression.  You will have the opportunity to walk the paths you have walked before... Feel the sun and the wind on your face; this is a series of experiences that you may have forgotten... and that you will never forget!

Jan will discuss your desires prior to the experience.  Do you want to re-discover creative abilities you mastered in a previous life?  Do you want to discover your soul purpose?  Do you feel like you are spinning your wheels and repeating the same experiences over and over --and you want to get off the hamster wheel?  The possibles are yours to explore.

This is an experiential journey.  You will see, smell, taste, feel, and know during the journey.  Jan will guide you and assist you by asking questions and helping you to ask the questions you wish to have answered.  You will be in complete control at all times.  You will share with Jan what you see, touch, hear, feel, and know.  You will remember everything that you choose to remember and you will be amazed at who you were and where you have been.

You Could...

  • Review your life purpose / soul contract
  • Address unresolved issues with loved ones who have passed
  • Eliminate fears/phobias
  • Bring back talents and skills you have "learned before."
  • Resolve prosperity blockages
  • Resolve relationship issues
  • Address weight loss
  • Resolve addiction issues
  • Increase creativity
  • Improve physical ailments
  • Discover your spiritual purpose
  • Emotional healing
  • Leave shame behind
  • Become a more confident parent/employee/lover
  • Discover who you were in past lives
  • and so so so much more!


Hypnosis helps countless individuals with a variety of wellness needs.  See how it can benefit you today.  
Hypnosis works!