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Posted by [email protected] on May 6, 2018 at 7:55 AM Comments comments (0)
Views from a Muse 5-6-2018 Living in the now. Why is this such A challenge? Logically we only have this moment, this breath, this space we occupy. Later we may have more breath, a different space, a different reality. For now, all we have is now. I suppose we are trained to look at the future, from the time we are small children. ???You cannot have a cookie until after dinner.??? We will go out to recess after spelling and math??? What are your plans for college, for employment, for life???? Few of us would rise in the morning and go to work if it did not mean losing the ability to pay our bills. When it nears vacation time some of us view going to work as the vehicle with which we will pay for our vacation???before we return to work. Some of us spend the second half of our dreamed about and longed for vacation worrying about having to go back to work. We spend about 8 hours a day working, perhaps an additional two hours preparing for work and driving back and forth. That leaves 14 hours to do everything else. If we sleep for 8 hours (who sleeps for 8 hours?) that leaves 6 hours in the day for ???other stuff.??? This week one of my spirit guides reminded me that time is an illusion. Then he admonished me about wasting time. I spoke with someone about my goals and plans and was asked ???When would be a good time to start that???? My response was "today." First i will breathe in and breathe out. As I have done since the moment i was born...but for right now Iwill close my eyes and breathe deeply into my belly. Several times. When I feel myself relaxing i will ignore the urge to get up and move about. Instead I will honor the breath and the relaxation I will spend a moment in gratitude just because I am in this moment. Namaste.

My life as an alchemist

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January 12, 2017 Views from a Muse My Life as an Alchemist Many of us conjure up images of a wizard with a long white beard hunched over a workbench with bottles and potions when we think of an alchemist. One who is thought to transform lead into gold. As luck would have it???in 2017, no special costumes are required. No potions or bunson type burners. I am an alchemist. I do not turn the physical material of lead into gold. I have a much more important mission. I transform the lead of fear; negativity, and lack into the gold of abundance; financial, spiritual, and physical well being. I have the complete joy of working with amazing people and assisting them to turn the lead in their lives into gold. There are many ways to improve your life and I incorporate many tools. I receive the blessings of alchemy in my life daily and I try to live my life every day with the attitude of gratitude as I remember I have only to ask, believe, and receive. This is my first ???view from a muse??? in 2017 and I simply felt inspired as I ponder the many blessings already received in the first 12 days of this year. I wish each of you the greatest joys your hearts can hold in this splendid year. Please know that life is meant to be celebrated and fun. Yes, you can change a thought and change a feeling. Namaste.

Happy Thanksgiving

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November 24, 2016

View from a Muse

Happy Thanksgiving

This is the day we traditionally celebrate the beginning of our life in America. It has turned into Turkey and Football and Shopping. Those’s cool…but let’s talk about celebrating independence.

Are you feeling secure in your independence? Do you celebrate what makes you unique? Are you laughing as you read this wondering what the heck I am talking about independence when you are sweating over a 20 pound bird or trying to think over the sounds of cheers (or groans) from the television room?

You create your own reality dear ones. If you are not feeling happy and blessed and grateful this Thanksgiving…do something different. If you are feeling overcome with joy and gratitude and love this holiday season…do more of that. The choice may not be clear…but it is always yours. Namaste.


Holiday Prep

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November 23, 2016

View from a Muse

Holiday Prep

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day in the USA. We are all supposed to focus on our blessings before during and after stuffing ourselves with food. TODAY why not pay attention to the things that ARE NOT working in your life. Dig under the surface and find out what is really going on.

Do you feel unappreciated? Overworked? Stressed? Overwhelmed? Only YOU can change this dear one…will you? Will you take note of what is not working for you in your life today, tomorrow, and the day after?

Will you wander into 2017 dragging all the poor choices you drug into 2016? Ready to drop the baggage that no longer serves? No one can do it for you…but you can start making different choices today. It might be something you are grateful for the day before Thanksgiving next year.



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November 22, 2016

View from a Muse


We have all heard…People listen to respond, they do not listen to understand. Another cliché right? Is it? Do you? Listen to respond or Listen to understand? A good topic in the current climate in the United States.

Communication is tough. REAL listening is an art form, Just for today…try not responding for 30 seconds after the person you are in conversation with stops speaking. Count to 30 in your head if you must. Chances are the person you are speaking with will be a bit freaked out. We are so used to rapid fire speaking to switch to attentive listening is difficult. Try it, you might learn something. Blessings to you and yours!




Season of Stress

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November 21, 2016

View from a Muse

Season of STRESS

Can you hear it – the Holiday music that sounds like the stress of cash registers, long lines, pushy advertisements, and sugar cookies?

I won’t ask WHEN the season of giving became the season of over spending, over anxiety, over over over EVERYTHING! I doubt any of us can remember a time – in our adult lives – that it was any different.

The key word here is ADULT. We get to make choices – we choose our bedtime, our dinner menu, and our television viewing. We are in charge of individual choices. Are we REALLY choosing any more wisely than we did or would have as children?

You have a few more days before the treadmill actually accelerates under your feet launching you into the holiday season of STRESS. YOU can make a different choice this year, you really can. It may be unnerving or even uncomfortable but you can choose to slow down, take a few deep breaths and consider what really matters… Blessings to YOU.


Give me a BREAK

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November 20, 2016

View from a Muse

Give me a BREAK

Thanksgiving is a few days away – in America we stuff ourselves into a stupor and watch football for most of the day. Does the stress and pressure start when you see the ads insisting you begin buying presents at midnight on Thanksgiving Day or do you rush out – to avoid the rush – and begin shopping on Thanksgiving Day?

This Thanksgiving – why not start the day – perhaps before you get out of bed thinking about YOU. It might be the last chance you have between now and Christmas, to think about YOU. Then the gift buying frenzy begins, then the only thought is buying, wrapping, stressing over who will like what gift, and of course when/how will all this get paid for?

So take a few moments, when you can (again, I suggest before you get out of bed and the madness begins) and wonder what makes you happy? Not necessarily grateful, but just happy. What lights YOU up? Then make a resolution to do more of THAT…for you. You matter. Namaste




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November 19, 2016

View from a Muse


What areas are you placing your head in the sand about? What do you attempt not to face? Hmmm, How is that working for you? Do you REALLY put your head in the sand or do you keep poking it up and looking around and sticking it back into the sand again.

Things we sweep under the rug are the things we keep stumbling over. Hard to get over that lump. Is ANXIETY your drug of choice? Are you more comfortable dealing with the anxiety of procrastination when it would, in reality, be a comfort to face the challenge head on. If you cannot resolve it today – can you make a plan or take a step toward resolution. It really really does feel better to acknowledge and work toward a resolution. So, what are you placing your head in the sand about? IS anxiety your drug of choice? ARE you ready for change?


Feel the Flame

Posted by [email protected] on November 17, 2016 at 12:30 AM Comments comments (6)

Views form a Muse

November 18. 2016

Channeled from Archangel Metatron

Dear Ones,

You choose every minute and every day to focus on what you will. Sadness, fear, hate, anger - all heavy emotions that make your already dense body heavier. What purpose do they serve, ask yourself that question.

Would you put your human hand in a flame and then explain that it is impossible to avoid...the flame is here and it just must be experienced. Nonsense. You removed your hand for your own personal protection. Why do you not do the same with negative emotions?

You have the same opportunity to remove your spirit, mind, thoughts from the negative flame as you do to remove your physical hand. Develop the muscle of choice and the attitude of choice. Do not wallow or seek more flames to experience. Seek out what makes you happy for that is why you came. Blessings.



Magical Thinking

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Views from a Muse

November 15, 2016

Magical Thinking

Oh the power of our thoughts. Where will we take this magic carpet ride? What wondrous worlds can we explore? We have such awesome and wondrous power sitting between our ears. What do you do with your big beautiful brain?

I have heard it said that “reality is over rated.” I am inclined to admit that “reality” is over processed. If you wish to live in the reality of the now – economic pressures, global warming, for those of us in the north – the shorter, darker, colder days, you certainly have the right to do so. What do you spend your time worrying about…does it help? Did worrying help last week and what is the prognosis for worrying next month?

If you are obsessing over the negative things you cannot change…consider a different option? Preparation is a good thing to be sure. So is optimism. We go to the grocery store, wash our clothes, and put gas in our cars because we wish to prepare for the future.

Do you angst over the decision to buy apples or oranges? Do you worry that the gas station will be boarded up when you go to purchase your gas? Do you get anxious and worry that the washing machine will not work when you are ready to wash your clothes? Sounds silly?

Worry is not taking action or preparing…it is simply a thought. One that does not make you happy. Why not, just for today, turn off the negative and sit in the sun (even if you have to do that indoors by a window) or relax in your recliner and take a few deep breaths in silence, without the intrusion of the television.

Just for today why not take the time to tune into your body – relax your shoulders, breathe all the way in, wiggle your toes and stretch your arms. Life is what you make of it…you deserve the best one! Namaste.